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First published on this website in December 2013 and last updated in October 2023

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These notes attempt a generic ‘role definition’ or ‘job description’ of a church leader by freely adapting the wording of the Church of England service of ordination into such a format. The result is applicable to the leaders of any church tradition and provides a perspective that is often lacking today.

The headings that arise are:

  • To proclaim the gospel
  • To baptise new disciples
  • To teach the Scriptures
  • To lead in worship
  • To minister to the world
  • To foster people’s gifts
  • To stir up your own gift
  • To accept discipline
  • To order your life

There are then a series of notes including one that relates to the 'person profile' for a Christian leader taken from various biblical references and written up in Training Notes TN87, What to look for in your leaders.

Here is a wise and biblical template on which to build a specific role definition so that this does not lose the true purpose of a church leader.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in October 2023 with some formatting changes.