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First published on this website in December 2007 and last updated in December 2023

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A comprehensive checklist of everything to consider when appointing any kind of Church Administrator:

  1. Justify the appointment - seven current issues
  2. Define the purpose - seven possible roles
  3. Select your priorities - fourteen areas of work
  4. Employ well - seven decisions to take
  5. Be prepared - fourteen problems that arise
  6. Plan for development - seven areas of growth

Check these out for a new appointment or to review an existing one.

To give a flavour of the points, here are the first few under 'Be prepared':

  • clash of roles;
  • office a compromise between purpose and availability;
  • people ignore the office;
  • Administrator caught between doormat and dragon;
  • lack of realisation of responsibility by the employing body;
  • poor management of the Administrator;
  • relationship between Minister and Administrator breaks down;

and so on.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in December 2023 with minor amendments.