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First published on this website in December 2018 and last updated in November 2020

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Churches, like other organisations, now need to demonstrate that they hold and maintain a range of policies – and the list is growing.

These Notes provide a checklist of possible policies and procedures (the difference is explained) with some idea of which are essential and which are merely prudent. There are also weblinks to other websites where you can find help, and references to all the items on my website which deal with the various topics covered.

The policies are listed under the following headings.

  1. Essentials – which gives a first and second priority listing of policies you cannot afford to ignore
  2. Governance – a listing of foundational documents, general governance, conduct of meetings and policy of policies
  3. Staffing – equal opportunities, staff employment policy, volunteers’ management and lone working
  4. Health and safety – including fire safety, food hygiene and various risk assessments
  5. Safeguarding – including child protection and vulnerable adults
  6. Finance – financial and accounting policies
  7. Communications – data protection and communication
  8. Other policies – including environmental, fair trade, confidentiality, rooms hire, trading


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Author's notes

These Notes were updated in November 2020 with minor additions to the list, new resources and amended web-links. I am always glad to hear of ideas to improve resource items.