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First published on this website in June 2021 and last updated in May 2023

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These notes list ten points that fair, perceptive, generous church members tell me they long to see in their Minister. The list might well be pondered by all Christians and is designed to shed light and provide practical ideas, not to induce guilt. The order is not important.

  1. Love people
  2. Be available
  3. Model Christian character
  4. Communicate vision
  5. Demonstrate a gift for teaching
  6. Become a respected leader
  7. Seek to be a team player
  8. Maintain passion as a disciple
  9. Live an ordered life
  10. Be accountable.

Whether you are a Minister or a church member, use this as a list for prayer.


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Author's notes

These Notes were updated in May 2023 with some formatting alterations.