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What's new

Over the past 12 months

New resources: A39, A40, A41 & A42 on the Articles page, TN99-106 on the Training Notes page, and many of the other items updated with significant new material for several. There is an additional item HC2 on the Health-checks page

New and updated listing of past consultancies on the Assignments page. 

New issues of Resources e-letter (17:2-6, 18:1) added to the Resources e-letter page every other month.

New items regularly of course on the News page.

Plus a range of smaller updates on several pages every week.

There have also been numerous changes to the pages for the UK Church Administrator Network but these have now all been moved to the new UCAN website.

Last updated 1st February 2018

Micki Hounslow's cartoons

Micki has been drawing cartoons for me since about 1980 (we were both very young then....). The six primary page cartoons form one set (rumoured to bear some resemblance to me), the six categories in the resources section another set.

To see the detail, hover your mouse over the top right hand cartoon on each page and it will enlarge.

I hope you find this site attractive, user-friendly, interactive and useful. I'd value your comments, positive and negative, so please finish your tour with a visit to the Contact section. And bookmark the site - it will be developing steadily and is updated two or three times a week.

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What's new

Trivial quiz
How many 'live' mice can you find in the cartoons on this website?

Be warned: the site is seriously infested with well over 250 on the public pages.

So if you have younger members of your family who enjoy a challenge, or if you cannot sleep tonight...

Micki Hounslow