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First published on this website in August 2004 and last updated in July 2024

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A growing number of churches are appointing some form of leadership team. Here, in list form, is the kind of ground I might cover in a session on reviewing the life and work of an existing team, or helping a church to set one up for the first time. You will find in these notes:

  • Five key concepts
  • Seven possible models
  • Seven dangers to be aware of
  • Five essentials to hold on to
  • Four reasons for having a team
  • Eight possible roles for the team
  • Six possible way of selecting team members
  • Seven issues considered in the choice
  • Six practical issues to encourage effectiveness
  • Six possible names for such a team
  • Eleven points to consider when setting up as new.

Together these form useful checklists to enable you to think through team purpose and operation.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated with minor amendments in July 2024.