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First published on this website in August 2018 and last updated in July 2020

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So you think your church is ‘welcoming’ or ‘friendly’. If so, score yourselves on these 20 tests designed to help you assess just how welcoming you are.

Better still, ask some newcomers to carry out the exercise for you as they may be a bit more realistic in their scoring. There are

  • five test questions about the congregation;
  • five test questions about the service;
  • five test questions about the surroundings;
  • five test questions about the systems.

Each test has a short explanation. Here are eight examples, two from each of the sets above. In the notes each one is explained. You score each one on a range of 0 (hopeless) to 5 (brilliant).

  • Are those sitting nearby appropriately welcoming?
  • Are there people to get to know at the close of the service?
  • Will any visitor feel awkward for any reason at any point?
  • Does the worship come across as genuine?
  • Do the website and printed items answer the right questions?
  • Is the seating comfortable with suitable spaces for latecomers?
  • Are there clear next steps for visitors?
  • Is there sufficient training for all involved?


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in July 2020 with some minor amendments to the text.