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TN112 Set my leaders free!

First published on this website in December 2018 and last updated in December 2022

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These notes take the story of the seven officers appointed by the Early Church as recorded in Acts 6:1-7 and apply it to church or mission leaders today. Elsewhere on my website I consider what this passage teaches Administrators – here the focus is instead on leaders.

After some background explanation I list seven surprises from this best practice case study.

  1. The leaders asked questions starting ‘Why?’, not just ‘How?’.
  2. They saw the big picture, not just the detail.
  3. They involved everyone, not just themselves.
  4. They selected on spiritual maturity, not just on competence.
  5. They delegated responsibility, not just task.
  6. They focused on their priorities, not just on the pastoral.
  7. They modelled God’s calling, not just people’s appointment.

There is then a listing of a number of overall lessons to learn including ideas on priorities, release and the partnership of leaders and organisers in that both need each other.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in December 2022 with some layout changes.