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First published on this website in June 2020 and last updated in May 2022

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These notes aim to answer this key question, which needs to be the starting point for any decision-making, programme planning or administrative exercise.

The first section takes an overview of what Scripture says on the issue which leads into a listing of how churches too often centre their thinking on different ideas. This is followed by four developing answers as to what we as church members might be:

  • Viewers – of a building
  • Attenders – of services
  • Members – of a body
  • Disciples – of Jesus Christ.

The answers given by other writers lead into a three-fold suggestion for a way of answering our question. Any church should own:

  • A God-ward development: growing in our relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • An ‘us-ward’ development: growing in our relationship with each other.
  • An outward development: growing in our relationship with the world.

There are then six tests for any church’s ‘purpose statement’.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in May 2022 with minor alterations to the text.