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TN34 Closing down a church activity

First published on this website in December 2006 and last updated in December 2022

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These notes promote the idea that to close a church service, group or activity is often not failure but the very opposite. To keep activities going that sap energy which needs to be diverted elsewhere is what is wrong.

Eight broad principles are listed to get the right attitude:

  1. Know why
  2. Check it up
  3. Define the shelf-life
  4. Accept what has changed
  5. Value people
  6. Beware ownership
  7. Dare to be different
  8. Start one, stop one.

These are followed by specific advice for how to go about a closure. For example it is best for a whole leadership group to be seen to take the decision rather than one individual leader, always explain why the closure is taking place, be honest if something has failed, and so on.

Finally, there is the idea to close every committee and mid-week group for a three month period to see what you miss.


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Author's notes

These notes were last updated in December 2022 with minor amendments to the layout.