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First published on this website in October 2013 and last updated in September 2023

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Here are 63 points that Church Administrators have submitted to form a body of wisdom about working in a busy church office. Some are challenging, others poignant or amusing. Several have a depth of meaning and are worth pondering. They are grouped under eight headings:

  • Foundations
  • Role
  • Stress
  • Sundays
  • Systems
  • Deskwork
  • Visitors
  • Congregation

Here are some examples under a range of these headings:

  • If my job description wisely includes things not to be done, it can be framed and quoted.
  • My young child is praying that I will be at the school gate on time today.
  • I really don't need to be 'nice' when approached unnecessarily just before the service.
  • People in need are no respecters of time.
  • There is a final number of rooms available and not even I can find another!
  • All people are lovely, but some outstay their welcome.


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Author's notes

These notes have struck a chord with many Church Administrators and people often mention them to me. Here is a typical comment received: "This is fantastic! It made me smile so much and how true are these gems! It's definitely going up on the office wall and will be left surreptitiously on a few desks!!".

These notes were updated in September 2023 with some minor adjustments to the text and layout.