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A jargon-free toolkit

First published on this website in October 2002 and last updated in November 2023

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A straightforward approach to the idea of forward planning in a Christian context but without any of the jargon. This simple system uses 12 straightforward questions and gives examples to answer each one.

  • What do we long to see happen?
  • Why are we here?
  • What are we aiming to do, and for whom?
  • What is distinctive in the way we go about things? (or How do our beliefs affect our actions?)
  • What is our story so far?
  • What might God do through us?
  • What are the main options open to us as we work towards this?
  • What resources do we have and need?
  • Where do we plan to get to this year?
  • What are the stepping stones towards these points?
  • Where might we get it wrong?
  • Where have we got to? 

This is followed by a set of notes on how this tool can be used. It can apply to a church or mission and be used as a leadership group exercise, or used personally to reflect on one's own ministry or even on one's whole life.


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Author's notes

This article has been updated in November 2023 with minor amendments.