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First published on this website in June 2024

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Many people have seen the ‘Blob tree’ picture designed by Pip Wilson and Ian Long back in the 1980s. Are you aware of how to use this tool to help people express their honest feelings? And did you know that there is a library of similar pictures available for purchase on the Blobtree website?

These notes show some samples of what is available and explain how you can use this brilliantly simple tool in churches.

Each picture shows a number of characters, known as Blobs, all taking part in some activity. You are asked to choose the ONE character that you most closely identify with and then explain why you have chosen that one. It is great fun to use!

The tool can be used in churches in a wide variety of settings to ascertain how people are feeling about some new initiative or current activity:

  • DIY training events
  • Discussions at church councils
  • Children’s and youth groups
  • Seniors’ groups
  • Professional counselling
  • The whole congregation


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