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An idea for a new publication

First published on this website in January 2005 and last updated in December 2022

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This article puts the case for a new type of local church publication, focusing on building community and promoting discipleship. This is quite different from a Sunday notice-sheet, from outreach literature and from a traditional church magazine.

1: Purpose and readership
The two key purposes of building community and growing disciples are justified as key needs in churches today. This newsletter would be restricted circulation to named members of the church.

2: Content

People news

  • children and teens at church and school;
  • young people away at uni or on short-term mission assignments;
  • those in a work-place of any kind;
  • small groups within the church;
  • those involved in the local community;
  • information from church staff and office holders.

Stories of faith in action

Leadership contact

There is then a list of dangers to avoid and worked examples of three issues showing content. This is followed by the special cases of rural churches and a non-book culture.

3: Production and distribution

Ideas for editor, style, and who writes (by person featured, by Editor from information given, interview format, group). Then notes on distribution.

Finally: a means to an end, stopping other publications, maximising impact.


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Author's notes

This article was last updated in December 2022 with some minor amendments. If you have produced anything along these lines, please email me as I would love to know more.