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Organising a special weekend

First published on this website in February 2013 and last updated in March 2017

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The organisation of a successful church weekend (away or at home) is a complex task. Here is detailed advice on how to do it well, written for those responsible and for all church leaders.

Ten aspects, divided into four broad areas, are covered:

  • The foundations (The purpose and theme, Options to consider)
  • The people (Organising Team, Self-catering, Speakers and leaders)
  • The preparation (Publicity, Financial arrangements)
  • The weekend (Programme, Young people, Follow-up)

The article has drawn on the experience of practitioners and provides a range of options with comment at each point in the process. It can be applied not only to a residential weekend away but to other special weekends, events for smaller groups and church holidays too.

A detailed checklist of actions to take at each stage, items to include in mailings and advice on working with the conference centre are all provided in a supplement linked from the article.


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Author's notes

This Article was updated in March 2017 with minor amendments throughout the text. I welcome ideas to improve this article further.