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First published on this website in April 2008 and last updated in March 2018

Words: 1800
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Categories: Planning


These notes take the form of a case study of how one church went about a major review of its global mission support.

It describes the work undertaken by a small group set up for the purpose under the following headings:

  • The process
  • The first meeting
  • A coherent strategy
  • The final stages
  • The report
  • Lessons learnt

There is then a brief update of the story and reference to TN42a which outlines the structure and headings in the report.


Here is the link to this item: PDF TN42 - A review of global mission strategy.pdf

Author's notes

These notes have been updated in March 2018 with minor alterations throughout the text. The headings for the report described may be found at TN42a.