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First published on this website in August 2012 and last updated in July 2022

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These notes take the example of Martha in Luke 10:38-42 and analyse what might have led to the mild rebuke that Jesus gave her for fussing over the meal that night. They then apply the points to the work of any kind of church administrator today who may be in danger of following Martha in at least one of these areas.

  1. Worried with detail, losing sight of the purpose
    We administrators love to fuss, to get the details right. So far so good, but the detail can become the main thing.
  2. Frantic in multi-tasking, with a victim mentality
    We administrators often have to spin plates. We multi-task. But we love others to notice this.
  3. Centred on things, rather than interested in people
    We administrators deal with physical stuff. But we can then lack people-skills
  4. Busy on Jesus' work, but failing to spend time with him
    We administrators have lots to do. But do we get distracted from what really matters?

To work against each of these in turn the advice is to (1) publish the purpose, (2) plan ahead, (3) pray for those you serve, and (4) place Jesus first.


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Author's notes

This seemed to strike a chord with a number of Administrators when first published and has been slightly edited since and last updated in July 2022.