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TN80 Staff salary scales

These notes were first published on this website in April 2014 and last updated in February 2024

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Setting pay scales for staff in a church or mission agency is not straightforward. These notes offer ten sets of questions to help Trustees and others devise an appropriate scheme.

  1. Salary or stipend?
  2. Do you expect differentials?
  3. What are others paying?
  4. What does it look like to your congregation?
  5. How do you view incentives?
  6. Do you pay the Real Living Wage?
  7. How do you treat part-time and overtime?
  8. Is it right to take 'need' into account?
  9. What of those who do not require a full salary?
  10. Who knows what about whom?

There can be no simple answer for coming up with figures for posts, but some benchmarking resources are listed to give some idea of what might be paid.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in February 2024 to take into account changing rates for the Real Living Wage and the National Living Wage and other necessary amendments.