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TN141 A church council 'Code of Conduct'

First published on this website in October 2022

Words: 2000
Size: 170 kB
Categories: Leadership , Structures


This set of Training Notes gives advice and a possible text for a behavioural code for members of a church ‘council’ (so PCC, Trustees, etc.). It does this by setting out some principles and then giving some specific examples.

The principles are based on the well-known ‘Nolan’ principles for public life, but these are specifically applied within a Christian context. Examples include selflessness, integrity, objectivity and accountability. They are then compared with those set out in Paul’s first letter to Timothy for church members appointed as deacons. These two lists form the basis for the Code, but other Bible passages are also suggested.

These are then applied in a general context to all council members, and then specifically to council meetings. The Training Notes close with a suggested text on discipline to ensure the Code is adhered to, followed by advice on preparing your own Code of Conduct.


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