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These notes were first published on this website in February 2015 and last updated in January 2024

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All churches have staff or volunteers who will from time to time work alone. Examples include cleaners, receptionists, pastoral visitors, an Administrator, Youth Minister, Treasurer taking money to the bank, and anyone including Minister working from home.

As part of a Health and Safety at Work Policy there should be a Lone Worker Policy to indicate that the employer has recognised the specific risks of working solo and sought to minimise them.

These notes are designed to alert churches to the issue and offer guidance for what such a policy might include. Seven sections are recommended:

  1. Summary - with an example
  2. Authorisation and related documents
  3. People who work alone in our church - suggestions are given as above
  4. Policy - with an example
  5. Responsibilities of the employer - with a list of suggestions
  6. Responsibilities of staff and volunteers - with a list of suggestions
  7. Optional extra sections


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in January 2024 with minor amendments to the text and layout.