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Ideas to experiment with

First published on this website in February 2009 and last updated in November 2020

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This Article seeks to breathe fresh life into what is often a turgid and predictable part of the church’s calendar. It gives 20 ideas under three main headings.

1: The big event
Church gathering rather than administrative meeting – inclusive design rather than restricted access – new time/place/layout rather than predictable pattern – future vision rather than past history (part 1) – active participation rather than passive listening – honest assessment rather than bland comment – Jesus central rather than human focus

2: The printed reports
People-stories rather than organisational reports – overall picture rather than disconnected snapshots – future vision rather than past history (part 2) – creative writing rather than turgid detail – interview format rather than standard prose – imaginative layout rather than common typing – prayer resource rather than meeting agenda

3: The administrative business
Handling news rather than financial complexity – future budget rather than past accounts – visual presentation rather than wordy explanations – decisions taken rather than matters discussed – planned elections rather than instant voting – defined profiles rather than vague assumption


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Author's notes

This article has been updated in November 2020 with minor amendments to the text.