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First published on this website in November 2010 and last updated in September 2022

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Clutter is defined as the untidy mess of stuff which is in the wrong place (when in your office or study for the purpose of these notes). To create a clutter-free zone:

  1. View this as a spiritual discipline
  2. Turn off the tap
  3. Diarise the time
  4. Take extreme action
  5. Appoint a partner
  6. Deal with clutter as it appears
  7. Create an in-tray for pre-sort
  8. Guard every flat surface
  9. Create external storage spaces
  10. Aim to get rid of more.

Put these notes into practice to relieve stress, save time and feel in control. Then study Articles A36 and A37, Sorting out your study.


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Author's notes

One reaction was: "Wow. My office is already looking tidier. Also , when a church member saw what I was doing she offered to do some of the clearing up with me! Double Wow!!"

These notes were last updated in September 2022 with minor amendments to the text and layout.