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First published on this website in November 2010 and last updated in October 2018

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Clutter is defined as the untidy mess of stuff which is in the wrong place (when in your office or study for the purpose of these notes).  To create a clutter-free zone:

  1. View this as a spiritual discipline
  2. Turn off the tap
  3. Diarise the time
  4. Take extreme action
  5. Appoint a partner
  6. Deal with clutter as it appears
  7. Create an in-tray for pre-sort
  8. Guard every flat surface
  9. Create external storage spaces
  10. Aim to get rid of more.


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Author's notes

One reaction was: "Wow. My office is already looking tidier. Also , when a church member saw what I was doing she offered to do some of the clearing up with me! Double Wow!!"

These notes were last updated in October 2018 with minor amendments to the text.