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First published on this website in January 2002 and last updated in November 2023

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Here is a variation on the normal way of voting, a system that only allows people to express 'Yes', 'No' or 'Abstain'. This method is useful for gauging people's real feelings about a major decision and can save an enthusiast believing that a unanimous vote means that everyone is as excited as he or she is.

This system is shown in two forms but both consist of a spectrum. In one form the spectrum runs from +100 through 0 to -100. In the other form words are used to express different points on this spectrum, so the line runs from 'I embrace' to 'I enthuse' to 'I back' to 'I prefer' and so on through 'I am undecided' and eventually down to 'I block'.

Advice is given on how and when to use this method and how to interpret the results. Examples given are:

  • a major building project
  • planting a new congregation
  • setting up a new leadership structure.


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Author's notes

For more general advice on taking key decisions, see Training Notes TN125, How to take major decisions.

These notes have been updated in November 2023 with some formatting changes.