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First published on this website in September 2010 and last updated in June 2024

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These notes take a somewhat different form from usual in that they claim to be an extract from legal proceedings in a court of law. The case involves the Charisma Chapel Chapter (their leadership team) who had accused their church members of lack of spiritual commitment in not using their gifts in the life of the church.

The members were represented by Sir Septimus Stranglehold KC and in this extract he is cross-examining the Chapter, with a rather noisy visitors' gallery.

Sir Septimus highlights three case studies: Mr A is using his gifts but outside the church's own ministries, Mrs B filled in a complicated gifts survey and heard nothing more, and Mr C failed to offer to take over the teens group after the leader of 23 years moved on.

If your church has any interest in the subject of discovering and utilising people's gifts, read this piece and answer the questions at its close - if you dare....


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Author's notes

These Notes were updated in June 2024 with minor amendments to the text and layout.