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I have the great fortune to be married to Eleanor. We have lived in St Albans for over 45 years and throughout this time have been members of Christ Church, an informal Anglican congregation. We have a married daughter in North London, a married son in Manchester and six grand-children.

Background (–1981)

I am at heart a passionate behind-the-scenes church administrator who loves 'sorting things out' and 'tidying things up' – and I am told I display all the annoying characteristics of such a person! Over the years I have moved into more of an up-front ministry as a trainer, speaker, adviser and writer. I want to help Christians enjoy learning how to organise well.

I have a Maths degree from Cambridge where I learned how to analyse problems. Then after a brief spell in what I always thought was going to be my life's work of transportation engineering, I became the Organising Secretary for a national Christian mission and, later, the first Executive Administrator at a large London church.  During this time I qualified as a Chartered Secretary.

Administry (1981-1999)

In 1981 I set up Administry, an idea for applying the principles of administration I had been developing to all types of churches.

An innovative publications programme was initiated, based on research in a growing number of member-churches. To this was added support for Church Administrators all over the UK. In 1993 I handed over the leadership to focus on the developing work of consultancy and training.

Church consultant and church trainer (1999–2009)

In 1999 I became convinced (to my surprise) that God was moving me on. Since then I have worked as a self-employed consultant and trainer.

The heart of my work has gradually shifted from administration alone to helping churches and Christian mission agencies become effective in all they do. This has come through a steadily widening range of assignments and commissions.

Development (2009-2017)

Over these years I saw my work gradually develop again to include a greater range of strategic initiatives on a national scale, including the launch and growth of the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) and the further development of my writing output in the Resources section of this website.

In 2012 I initiated a period of succession planning so that others could take my work and vision forward over the coming years.

Into the future (2018-)

This meant that in October 2017 I was able to hand over the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) to a team who are leading it in new and exciting ways as its own independent organisation. I have refocused my energies on my consultancy, training and writing. I am cutting my hours back somewhat in 2023 in a gentle move towards planned retirement from up-front work at the end of 2024.  I hope to continue writing after that.

I long to see Christians get their act together so that their life in Jesus Christ and their work for him can prosper. My vision is for the whole Church to seek and encourage spiritual gifts of administration so that it can become healthy and effective for Christ.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry
John Truscott, church administration consultant


 I long to see Christians get their act together so that their life in Jesus Christ and their work for him can prosper.

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