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A36 Sorting out your study

Part 1: The space in the room

First published on this website in February 2016 and last updated in February 2024

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Categories: Administration , Leadership


This is part of a two-article set (with A37) designed primarily for Ministers who work from home but applicable too to all church and mission staff including those who work out of a central office.

This first part investigates the space in the room in three sections.

  1. Enjoy your study!
    Twenty factors that impact the feel of the room - small changes to one or two of these can make a big difference. The list starts chair, cleanliness, colour, decoration, equipment, friend/family, furnishings....
  2. Lay out the room
    Issues to consider include purpose, desk location, clutter, vertical spaces, safety, workflow, layout plan.
  3. Place the desk
    Further thinking on this key piece of furniture covering what its real use should be, how to sit at it safely, how to work at it effectively and how to organise what you have on it.

The point is that God has made us as human beings and not as machines. Especially if administration is not our thing, we function better in our studies if we find the space feels good.


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Author's notes

This article has been updated in February 2024 with minor amendments to the layout.