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First published on this website in December 2021 and last updated in November 2023

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These notes are designed for church leaders, administrative and operational staff, and all who are responsible for pastoral care. They provide an introduction to what constitutes disability and the practical implications of the Equality Act. But of course this is a topic about Christian love and care for everyone.

Four actions are recommended:

  • An access audit – focusing on your buildings and grounds
  • A services audit – relating more to the provision of services
  • Practical advice – listening to the experts: disabled people
  • External advice – gaining advice from specialist organisations

Seventeen areas to audit are listed and explained. These include:

  • Website and signage
  • Entrance
  • Flooring
  • Screen and print
  • Emotional needs
  • Children / young people
  • Meeting rooms/halls


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in November 2023 with some alterations to the formatting