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TN32 What do you mean by 'vision'?

First published on this website in August 2006 and last updated in June 2022

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These notes seek to bring some clarity to a confused understanding of what is meant by 'vision' in a planning context. They introduce six themes to explain what a vision should be about. Test your own church's or mission's vision against these.

  1. Destination: a description of where you want to get to
  2. Changed lives: "with a vision you are seeking to change the world"
  3. Ends not means: opening a building is not a church vision
  4. One clear vision: you can have visionaries without one uniting vision
  5. God at work: vision is about our faith in what God might do, not our achievements
  6. Leadership: you need a leader to move you from A to B

The is followed by footnotes on time-scale in vision, and on the idea of a vision statement.

A church purpose is all about what we should be or do. A church vision is our prayer for what God might do if we remain faithful to our purpose.



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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in June 2022 with minor additions to the text.