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One key aspect of my work is to support the work of Church Administrators and Church Operations Managers.

I achieve this in a number of ways.

Several of my consultancy assignments are linked to such appointments in churches, or providing advice on future staffing in this area.

Work consultancy
I offer one-to-one advice and support for administrative and operational staff in churches.

I provide training for Administrator groups in dioceses and other church networks.

Many of the Articles and Training Notes in the Resources section of this website are written for administrative and operational staff in churches. See, for example, items on the Administration index page.

Distance learning
I lead the tutor team for the UCAN distance learning module for Church Administrators. Note that this course changed its academic provider in 2021 from St John's College, Nottingham (which has closed) to Cliff College.

I personally support and recommend the work of the UK Church Administrators Network now that it has become its own organisation and separate from my own work, with its own website. The next page on this website has information about UCAN and how to join if you work as a Church Administrator or Operations Manager in any form in a church.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the help and support you have given me. But mostly a huge 'Thank you' for the encouragement to finish.

Email from a Church Administrator as she successfully completes 'The work of a Church Administrator' distance learning course - January 2023

Note that quotes throughout this website come from unsolicited sources and are being continually changed to ensure that all have been received within the past 12 months.

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