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The following index lists all the resources (Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks) that have an administration theme. Most of these will be headed in this way, but some may have another heading with a cross-reference to Administration in the box at the end.

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Principles of administration

Ref Title
A15 Christian administration?
A theological introduction
A27 Reliability in ministry
For administrators and leaders
A46 Redefining 'management'
Three Bible images to consider
HC8 A Gift Assessment for Administrators
1: Introduction
HC9 A Gift Assessment for Administrators
2: Questions and tests
TN4 Advice for all church administrators
TN21 Ideas for a sermon on administration
TN72 Church administration explained: part 1
TN73 Church administration explained: part 2
TN111 A church policies checklist
TN115 Identifying gifts of administration
TN129 Collecting data for mission
TN138 Categories for church operations

Offices and Administrators

Ref Title
A33 Roles for a church office
Part 1: Three perspectives
A34 Roles for a church office
Part 2: Three more perspectives
A38 Appointing an Operations Manager
Or reviewing an post
A42 What do Church Administrators do?
Defining roles
A53 The UCAN story
Networking Church Administrators: 1981 - 2017
A55 The management of church records
A broad overview
TN26 A checklist for an office move
TN40 Appointing an Administrator
TN60 Administrator types
TN68 Administrators who miss the point
TN77 Administrator wisdom
TN86 Customer care for churches?
TN102 People who visit the church office
TN112 Set my leaders free!
TN126 The small-church administrator
TN131 Helpful handover documents

IT and personal administration

Ref Title
A1 Pass or file?
How to get excited about filing!
A11 Become a better emailer
...and make everyone happy
A14 Create a quality website
...by asking the right questions
A25 Working from home
Boundaries, discipline and space
A36 Sorting out your study
Part 1: The space in the room
A37 Sorting out your study
Part 2: The stuff in the room
A51 The 'To Do Diary' guide
How to use this simple tool
TN23 How to do 'To Do' lists
TN46 A beginner's guide to IT security
TN53 A simple email filing system
TN57 Clear your clutter!
TN143 Protect your church from scams
TN149 Keep all your seniors in touch

Administering buildings and finance

Ref Title
A7 Understanding stewardship
A basis for Christian teaching
A16 Funding a capital project
...by direct giving
A18 Administering church funds
A call for a fresh approach
A28 Rooms to let
Hiring out your church premises
A31 Helping people back to church
Basics we often overlook
TN19 Key words for a financial appeal
TN29 What's your real church income?
TN33 Danger at church!
TN44 The message of your buildings
TN85 Preparing a Lone Worker Policy
TN98 An outline Church Financial Policy
TN108 What do budgets actually tell us?
TN116 Global mission giving
TN117 Building project preparations
TN122 Your eco-church check-up
TN135 How to conduct a disability audit

All the above

Ref Title
HC4 Church Health Review
Part 1: Explanation
HC5 Church Health Review
Part 2: Questions and tests
HC6 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 1: Explanation
HC7 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 2: Questions and tests


I stumbled across your website and found the A38 guide very helpful, thank you! I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of your expertise across the whole site.

Email from a church trustee - March 2024.


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