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The following index lists all the resources (Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks) that have a management theme. Most of these will be headed in this way, but some may have another heading with a cross-reference to Management in the box at the end.

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Staff management

see also A45,TN41 and TN49 under Church members as workers

Ref Title
A3 Salary differentials for Christian staff
A case of worldly thinking?
A6 Job descriptions
Advice and examples for staff and volunteers
A8 Worker agreements
Appropriate paperwork for church use
A17 Staff selection step-by-step
From advertisement to interview
A32 Be creative as a line manager
How to develop paid staff
A46 Redefining 'management'
Three Bible images to consider
TN17 Suggested questions for an annual review
TN20 Line management in a church staff team
TN37 To pay or not to pay?
TN65 Sharp interview questions
TN66 A daily office for church staff
TN76 How to prepare a job reference
TN80 Staff salary scales
TN85 Preparing a Lone Worker Policy
TN92 How genuine are your GORs?
TN95 Exit interviews for everyone
TN101 Working with a No. 2
TN120 Lessons for leaders
TN128 Effective staff meetings
TN130 Appoint a 'Staff Action Group'
TN144 360-degree reviews for churches?

Church members as workers

See also A6, A8, TN17, TN85, TN120 and TN144under 'Staff management'

Ref Title
A10 An introduction to the art of training
Help people learn new skills
A26 The office of Lay Minister
Three proposals for change
A43 Every member on active service
How to mobilise your church
A45 How to lead a team at church
Practical help for beginners
A47 15 principles of volunteering
By examining five ministries
TN14 Setting up a Newcomers Team
TN15 How not to delegate!
TN24 Church members can burn out too
TN31 Affirming volunteers
TN36 Square pegs in round holes
TN41 What makes a group a team
TN49 What's going on under the water
TN55 So, who should be in the dock?
TN60 Administrator types
TN79 'One another' teams
TN90 Put someone in charge
TN100 Why some offer, why some don't
TN119 Group behaviours to beware of
TN139 Church workers in teams
TN148 Serving in a post-Covid church
TN153 How not to manage volunteers!

The life of church members

Ref Title
A31 Helping people back to church
Basics we often overlook
A41 Going deeper into meetings
2: People issues
TN10 What do Christians do between Sundays?
TN27 Saying good-bye to church members
TN30 How to give and receive criticism
TN34 Closing down a church activity
TN59 Don't you dare change anything!
TN83 The service isn't over yet
TN86 Customer care for churches?
TN95 Exit interviews for everyone
TN107 A church policy on hospitality
TN109 A test for your church's welcome
TN127 Identify your church's groups
TN134 Integrate your newcomers
TN146 Be hospitable!

All the above

Ref Title
HC4 Church Health Review
Part 1: Explanation
HC5 Church Health Review
Part 2: Questions and tests
HC6 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 1: Explanation
HC7 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 2: Questions and tests


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