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The following index lists all the resources (Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks) that have a leadership theme. Most of these will be headed in this way, but some may have another heading with a cross-reference to Leadership in the box at the end.

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The role of leaders

Ref Title
A12 The leader as a shepherd
Part 1: Biblical research
A13 The leader as a shepherd
Part 2: Practical application
TN6 The Minister's role in larger churches
TN18 A leadership team checklist
TN32 What do you mean by 'vision'?
TN50 Should the staff lead the church?
TN78 The role of a church leader
TN87 What to look for in your leaders
TN90 Put someone in charge
TN101 Working with a No. 2
TN112 Set my leaders free!
TN132 What you look for in your Minister
TN141 A church council 'Code of Conduct'
TN144 360-degree reviews for churches?


Ref Title
A19 Speaking so that people listen
For all leaders and preachers
A22 Job applications in Christian ministry
Part A: Preparation
A23 Job applications in Christian ministry
Part B: Presentation
A45 How to lead a team at church
Practical help for beginners
TN15 How not to delegate!
TN28 No two leaders are the same
TN30 How to give and receive criticism
TN56 Questions for preachers
TN70 Do's and don'ts for a new leader
TN94 Becoming self-aware
TN120 Lessons for leaders
TN127 Identify your church's groups
TN142 Values create a culture


Ref Title
A1 Pass or file?
How to get excited about filing!
A25 Working from home
Boundaries, discipline and space
A27 Reliability in ministry
For administrators and leaders
A36 Sorting out your study
Part 1: The space in the room
A37 Sorting out your study
Part 2: The stuff in the room
A51 The 'To Do Diary' guide
How to use this simple tool
TN7 Ideas for how to make time for life
TN11 Keeping a time log
TN23 How to do ‘To Do’ lists
TN43 Did Jesus use an iPhone?
TN54 Creating space for a Planning Retreat
TN57 Clear your clutter!
TN62 Know what distracts you
TN67 Stress and the Christian worker
TN84 How to say 'No' when you should
TN106 Talk about taking time 'off'
TN151 Loss of leadership passion

All the above

Ref Title
HC4 Church Health Review
Part 1: Explanation
HC5 Church Health Review
Part 2: Questions and tests
HC6 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 1: Explanation
HC7 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 2: Questions and tests


The legacy you leave behind will continue to bless generations of clergy and lay leaders to come.

An Archdeacon in an email - August 2023

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