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The following index lists all the resources (Articles, Training Notes and Health-checks) that have a structures theme. Most of these will be headed in this way, but some may have another heading with a cross-reference to Structures in the box at the end.

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Staffs and Boards

Ref Title
A3 Salary differentials for Christian staff
A case of worldly thinking?
A6 Job descriptions
Advice and examples for staff and volunteers
A8 Worker agreements
Appropriate paperwork for church use
A17 Staff selection step-by-step
From advertisement to interview
TN5 Responsibilities of mission agency boards
TN20 Line management in a church staff team
TN35 Causes of friction in mission agencies
TN37 To pay or not to pay?
TN40 Appointing an Administrator
TN65 Sharp interview questions
TN66 A daily office for church staff
TN76 How to prepare a job reference
TN80 Staff salary scales
TN92 How genuine are your GORs?


Ref Title
A5 How to chair meetings
An orchestral approach
A20 Annual meetings can be different
Ideas to experiment with
A24 Mission-shaped Church Councils
Three ways forward
A40 Going deeper into meetings
1: Planning issues
A41 Going deeper into meetings
2: People issues
TN8 Major decisions: a new approach
TN13 A purpose statement for those who chair
TN45 Are you sure it's minutes you need?
TN58 Beware committees
TN61 Mapping out a meeting
TN71 Seatings for meetings
TN88 Advice to a new committee member
TN97 How to minute a meeting

Leadership structures

Ref Title
A38 Appointing an Operations Manager
Or reviewing an existing post
A26 The office of Lay Minister
Three proposals for change
TN6 The Minister's role in larger churches
TN18 A leadership team checklist
TN50 Should the staff lead the church?
TN51 A fresh approach to rural ministry

All the above

Ref Title
HC4 Church Health Review
Part 1: Explanation
HC5 Church Health Review
Part 2: Questions and tests
HC6 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 1: Explanation
HC7 Christian Effectiveness Model
Part 2: Questions and tests


I've found the notes on taking minutes very helpful.  I've taken minutes many times (in a school admin context), but never had any training - most of my admin works on the Make It Up As You Go Along principle.  I look forward to being able to act with greater confidence in the knowledge that I do know what I am doing!

A church office-holder in an email - February 2017


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