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Edmonton Area IME2

14th November 2023

Here are the notes for Tuesday's session on working with volunteers in churches.

Dundonald Presbyterian Church

Materials for 21st October 2023

Here is the pdf for the notes for Saturday's training session on being a welcoming church.

Isle of Wight

10th October 2023

Here are the notes for today's session on church administration on the Isle of Wight.

Even pastoral care needs to be organised

4th October 2023

A new article has been uploaded to the website this week. A56, Organising pastoral care ... in an all-member culture, tackles a rarely-addressed issue: how to structure care in a church when you assume it is everyone's responsibility.
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How to mobilise your church

14th August 2023

One of my new uploads for August 2023 tackles an issue many churches are currently facing: how to find 'volunteers' in a world after lockdown.
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Diocese of Blackburn

Materials for 14th and 15th July 2023

Here are the pdfs for the clergy event on Friday (originally planned for September 2022) and the PCC event on Saturday.

Diocese of St Albans IME2 day

Materials for 8th July 2023

Here is the handbook in pdf which I shall be using on Saturday.

UCAN Cutting Edge conference

Materials for 28th June 2023

Here are the notes for seminars on working with staff and volunteers in a post-Covid world.

New Article on document management

10th June 2023

A major new Article on document management and retention has been uploaded to this website at the beginning of June. I am often asked for advice in this area. This Article takes a broad overview and then lists other websites for those who need more detailed information. The aim here is to put the subject into perspective. See A55: The management of church records.
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Edmonton Area Curates day

Materials for 18th April 2023

Here are pdfs of the notes for the two events I am running through with you all on Tuesday.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry

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