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How to make things happen

2nd October 2018

The latest article uploaded to the Resources section of the website provides step-by-step guidelines for how to get things done in churches. It offers a beginner's guide to project management.
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New 'Topics index' launched

10th September 2018

Finding the resources you need on this website has just got easier. The new Topics index has been launched today.
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Churches are not good at confidentiality

13th August 2018

The second set of Training Notes uploaded this month covers the unusual idea of a church-wide Confidentiality Policy. Where such policies exist they are normally for employed staff or project volunteers. These notes investigate confidentiality throughout the whole church.
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Church welcome put under scrutiny

1st August 2018

The latest set of Training Notes, uploaded to the  website this week, provides a series of tests for any church's welcome to visitors and newcomers at Sunday services. You can run these yourselves, but it is better to ask some recent newcomers to do the scoring for you.
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Resources updates

10th July 2018

I have over 150 printed items in the Resources section of the website and my aim is to keep each one updated at least every two years. I have just updated two articles on the roles for a church office (A33 & A34) and four sets of Training Notes.
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Budgets speak loudly

28th May 2018

If you think that budgets are simply financial figures, think again! One of the latest set of Training Notes just uploaded to the Resources section of this website presents a much wider explanation.
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New training topics always being added

8th May 2018

I am always adjusting training events and adding new variations to existing topics or designing new themes. Several new ideas have been added this year.
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Make every-member ministry a reality

3rd April 2018

Uploaded to the website today is a major article inspired by a dream of making every-member ministry actually work.
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Church Administrators need to join UCAN

21st March 2018

Now I no longer run the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) it is important than any Church Administrators visiting my website who are not already members of UCAN join the network! You do this at http://www.churchadministrators.net.
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But who organised Billy Graham's crusades?

22nd February 2018

Billy Graham's death yesterday, or 'change of address' as he preferred to call it taking a phrase originally used by DL Moody, has rightly led to large numbers of glowing tributes for such a remarkable man of God. I myself, as a schoolboy, 'went forward' at one of his meetings in 1966 and it changed the whole direction of my life.
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creative organisation for effective christian ministry

New items are added to the Resources section of the site every other month.
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We all gained immensely from the course and it has given me much to reflect on. 
A curate after a weekend training course on managing change - September 2018