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These examples give a flavour of the kind of assignments carried out during 2017. Time involvement can range from one day to several spread over some months. 

I advise a wide range of denominations including Church of England, other Anglican churches, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, independent and new churches, etc.


  • Various independent, external assessments of leadership and operational resourcing and structures for (on the whole) larger churches.
  • Advice on major issues of strategy, often in a growing church where structures or plant no longer provide sufficient support or resource.
  • Audits of urban and rural churches seeking advice on single issues relating to the use of buildings, planning, communication, etc.
  • Advising on the use of my 'Church Health Review' to assess every area of a church's ministry.


One-to-one work consultancy /coaching

  • Offering an external perspective to Ministers on their present or future ministries.
  • Providing 'black bin sack days', seeking to sort out clergy desks and studies and provide input on principles for how to keep desk and floor clear in future.
  • Advising Ministers seeking to move to a new church on completing application forms and planning for interviews.
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Thank you so much for your inspirational guidance.

A church office-holder in an email following a training event - January 2018


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