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I am an independent church consultant and trainer who has spent over 35 years promoting spiritual gifts of administration which God gives to his Church. I describe myself as a champion of 'creative organisation'.

I offer to:

  • Clergy/Pastors and other church workers
  • Lay leaders and Church Administrators
  • Boards and staffs of mission agencies...
  1. Advice through consultancy and one-to-one work
  2. Training through workshops and writing
  3. Support through web resources and networks

These pages explain these three areas, then provide examples of consultancy and one-to-one assignments and training and writing topics.

There is also a page explaining my charges. Support work is provided without charge.

Services diagram

A visual representation of the services I offer

Availability during the Covid-19 pandemic

I have had to reconfigure much of my work over the past few months and am catching up with assignments that were put on hold earlier this year. These will have priority until Christmas but I am now of course having to make further changes because of the second lockdown. I am already starting to book January and February 2021 and up to the summer of next year for training events. Talk to me if you are interested in anything now or in the New Year.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry


Your review has been so helpful in all sorts of ways …  The report is still referred to a great deal, and with the new team building, seeds have been sown for new ideas.

The Office Co-ordinator at a consultancy church in an email - December 2019

Note that quotes throughout this website come from unsolicited sources and are being continually changed to ensure that all have been received within the past 12 months.

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