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Do you have gifts of administration?

13th September 2021

This website offers a detailed tool to assess anyone's administrative gifts, and a cut-down version for a quick check-up.
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Practical help on succession planning

3rd August 2021

Just uploaded: new Training Notes, Planning the next step, offers practical advice on succession planning in a range of applications. These include when volunteers resign, when staff members move on and when a major church event comes to an end.
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St Albans Diocese IME2 day

Material for 10th July 2021

If you would like the material for today's event on screen rather than on paper, here is the file for you to access or download.

We are looking at how you can organise yourself in ministry, whether as a Curate or Reader, with a focus on stress management. In the morning we examine the big picture of your ministry, then discuss stress issues. In the afternoon I will give you some practical tools for self-organisation and stress reduction.

Here is the file:

Church Administrators in Edmonton Area of London Diocese

Material for 23rd June 2021

I am looking forward to working by Zoom with Church Administrators and Operations staff in the Edmonton Area of London Diocese. You have a vital, creative role to play in your church, and work at the heart of its spirituality (though you won't hear that view from many people!).

In my short session with you I want to prepare us all for the lifting of Covid restrictions (said in hope!) by looking at how we work with people who visit the church office, whether in person, by phone, from the website, or through social media. I'll base it on Training Notes TN102 in the Resources section of this website but give you a direct link below.

What you look for in your Minister

2nd June 2021

Just uploaded for June is a set of ten features that fair, perceptive, generous church members tell me they delight or long to see in their Minister.
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Church trustees are responsible for the staff they employ

2nd April 2021

'Many church Trustees fail to appreciate the responsibility they carry for the selection, employment and management of their staff.' This situation is addressed in Training Notes TN130, Appoint a 'Staff Action Group', just uploaded to this website.
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creative organisation for effective christian ministry

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Over the years I, and many others I know, have found the resources on your website absolutely invaluable. Thank you.
A church member on the mailing list - June 2022