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Questions you need to ask before you build

7th August 2019

The second new set of Training Notes for August is available at TN117, 'Building project preparations'. There are 12 key questions to ask before you embark on any building project, plus six more technical questions on architects and six on permissions.
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How churches can give to global mission

31st July 2019

The latest set of Training Notes uploaded to the website this morning covers means that churches can use to support global mission work. Whatever your church does at present it is wise to be aware of the range of possibilities so you can try new ideas.
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St Albans IME2 handbook available

13th July 2019

Those who came to today's training event for IME2 in St Albans Diocese can access a pdf of the printed notes on this page (click red heading for the link). The notes represent a cut-down version of one type of full day training on self- and desk-management.
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Booking for the autumn is open

2nd July 2019

My July diary is just about full but I am now booking consultancy and other assignments for September onwards. July is a good time to be considering the possibility of my working with you in some way, rather than leaving it until the autumn when I may not have dates available. This also applies, in particular, to Saturday training events.
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Team leaders offered practical help

1st June 2019

The latest Article to be uploaded to the website provides step-by-step help to anyone in church who leads a team of any kind. It can be found within the Articles index page in the Resources section of this site at Article A45.
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How to assess gifts of administration

2nd April 2019

A detailed new assessment tool has just been uploaded to the Health-checks section of the website. A Gift Assessment for Administrators enables anyone to check whether they may have gifts of administration and, if so, what type they may be.
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New web leaflet launched

20th February 2019

A new style of leaflet listing all the printed resources available on this website is now available. A pdf can be downloaded from the Resources page.
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How to prepare a church profile

31st January 2019

One of the sets of Training Notes uploaded to the site today gives careful advice on how to prepare a church profile, especially if it includes a person profile for a new Minister.
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The need to set leaders free

2nd January 2019

One of the new resources on this website, added in December, gives a clear message of the need to set church leaders free to focus on what should be their priority ministries. Set my leaders free! is the title of Training Notes TN112 in the Resources section of this site.
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Church policies checklist published

3rd December 2018

Churches now have free access to a checklist of policies they need to consider writing to comply with legislation or best practice. The list is divided into clear categories, including a listing of the essentials as the total list is long.
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You have been invaluable to me throughout my first incumbency. You seemed to have something to say to each problem I encountered in the parish! 
A vicar now in chaplaincy in a Twitter DM - November 2019