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The following list shows the areas that I train and write in. I offer these for both ministerial development and lay training (as appropriate in each case) and can cover the same topics in a one-to-one coaching format for personal development, sabbaticals, etc.

I train for a wide range of denominations including Church of England, other Anglican churches, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, independent and new churches, etc.



  • Work and time management
  • Deskwork and email administration
  • Life and stress management
  • Working from home
  • Reliability within a staff or leadership team


  • Group dynamics
  • Team leadership and development
  • Team training
  • Volunteers / every-member ministry
  • Line management and staff selection
  • Welcome at church services


  • Board membership
  • Church leadership teams
  • Mission-shaped Church Councils
  • Chairing Christian business meetings
  • Committee training


  • Assessing church health
  • Developing purpose, vision, values
  • The planning process: vision to action
  • Change management
  • Acting as a mission enabler


  • Communication for speakers
  • Communication in print, email, web
  • Coverage in the local media
  • Leading intercessions in church services
  • Reading lessons in church services
  • The art of training


  • Introduction to church administration
  • Running a church office
  • Operations Manager support
  • Working with a Church Administrator
  • Christian stewardship / church finance
  • Reliability in ministry
  • Hiring out church rooms

Topics of a more specialised nature

  • Staff or clergy appraisal
  • Clergy and laity partnerships
  • Transformation to mission mode
  • Minister vacancies
  • Reliability in ministry
  • Running the Church Health Review
  • Running the Christian Effectiveness Model
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I cannot put into words the gratitude we feel to the Lord for sending you at just the right time - your report guides us clearly through our underlying issues and gives us a pathway forward.

A charity trustee in an email - January 2019


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