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The first area of service is to offer advice through either consultancy for a church/mission or coaching for an individual.


Any Christian consultancy assignment should be seen as an exercise in divine guidance. The consultant comes alongside to help people discover God's will for their future.

There is strength in the combination of the external consultant, who can often spot key issues clearly, coupled with those involved in the day-to-day work.

I use observation, listening, questionnaire research, analysis, prayer, written reports and on-going contact after the assignment. I strive to help my clients distinguish the big picture from the daily detail and to provide fresh thinking for the way ahead.

Time involvement can range from one or two days to several spread over some months.

One-to-one work

I also offer one-to-one work consultancy to individual Clergy/Pastors, Church Administrators and CEOs. This can take a number of forms: a one-off session to discuss and advise on particular issues, regular meetings to act as a sounding board for plans, or sessions based on specific training needs.

As part of this I offer my 'black bin sack day' to clear your study or office and show you how to keep it clear.

Time involvement is often half a day, but can be longer or run to a series of such meetings.


My ongoing aim is to provide the objective perception of a detached observer with:

  • wide experience and understanding of church and other Christian work
  • a creative mind willing to explore new ways forward
  • a sensitivity to people's needs
  • spiritual insight for what God may be saying.

I am happy to explore the possibility of an assignment for you without any commitment on your part until a brief, a budget and a plan have been jointly agreed. I can also put you in touch with previous clients, but I do not release their names in public.

For examples of areas covered, move on to the Assignments page. For an idea of pricing, see the Charges page.

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There has been a unanimous view from everyone that I have spoken to that this was an excellent report – challenging yes but well written, well thought through and presented with fantastic clarity.

A PCC Lay Chair in an email - April 2021



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