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Questions you need to ask before you build

7th August 2019

The second new set of Training Notes for August is available at TN117, 'Building project preparations'. There are 12 key questions to ask before you embark on any building project, plus six more technical questions on architects and six on permissions.
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Churches too easily rush into a project without sorting out the fundamentals first. This needs to be done before you go to an architect.

Some of the questions probe ideas you may not think of otherwise. Q2 is 'Who are we seeking to serve?' but is the answer yourselves, those who will use the building or a future generation? It might not be you at all.

Q10 is 'What staffing and maintenance will be required?' A new building might have hidden costs of extra staffing, heating, equipment and maintenance. Now is the time to consider what these might look like.

TN117, 'Building project preparations' is available free of charge on the Training Notes index page of this website.