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New resources uploaded today

30th September 2019

There's a new article and a new set of training notes on the website from today. The article (A46) looks at church management by considering the manager as a steward, care-taker and deacon. The training notes (TN118) urge churches to define the purposes of any business meeting.
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'Church management' is a term some are wary of, but it all depends what you mean by 'management'. Most of us take our ideas of it from the commercial world. If, instead, we examine it from the biblical images of steward, care-taker and deacon we get a different picture.

Article A46, Redefining 'management', takes this approach by examining these three ideas in turn and then drawing out seven applications for church life.

The training notes consider just why we hold meetings in churches whether councils, committees or the whole church. The notes suggest the three key purposes should be to seek God's will, to work together and to take action for the future.

Training Notes TN118, Why, exactly, are we meeting?, also gives a list of possible purposes for each agenda item.

Both resources are available without charge on this website now.