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How to assess gifts of administration

2nd April 2019

A detailed new assessment tool has just been uploaded to the Health-checks section of the website. A Gift Assessment for Administrators enables anyone to check whether they may have gifts of administration and, if so, what type they may be.
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The tool takes three themes, Aptitude, Fascination and Discipleship, and gives each three sections. For Aptitude these should be seen in your life and are listed as 'organisation', 'detail' and 'service'. These apply to all types of administrator.

The Fascination theme is designed for those with more a leadership role in administration and involvement in operations. Here the sections are named as 'business', 'systems' and 'people'.

The Discipleship theme anchors this ministry in the Christian life through sections for everyone on 'focus', 'faith' and 'lordship'.

Each section has five questions to be answered, with a number of sample tests to give an idea of how to judge the answer. A Gift Assessment for Administrators is introduced in HC08 with all the questions and tests then listed in HC09.

There is also a cut-down version in the Training Notes index page for more general use in a church. Identifying gifts of administration is at TN115 and can be used for staff selection or spotting church members who might be developed into administrators in any form.