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A DIY training aid

First published on this website in February 2022 and last updated in February 2024

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This is the second in an occasional series of DIY training aids for churches, based on events I have been running for some years. This one is designed for a church leadership team, or a wider body, seeking to set a vision for their church.

Five stages are described:

  1. Parable – telling stories
  2. Purpose for the future
  3. Principles for the future
  4. Prayer for the future
  5. Plan for the future

The material can be used by an enabler of the event, or it can be studied solo. The idea is to place the concept of vision-setting in a biblical understanding of any church’s purpose, and to distinguish purpose (what we are to be and do) from vision (our prayers for God to bring about an outcome if we are faithful to our purpose). It then enables the group to produce first ideas for a future vision.

The material includes seven hand-out sheets for everyone as outlines for the points being made and for exercises at each stage. There is one major exercise for everyone to complete during the event but on their own, before results are shared and a process outlined for producing a plan.


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Author's notes

This article is sub-titled 'A DIY training aid'. There is a set of seven hand-out sheets to accompany this material which can be accessed here:

This material was updated in February 2024 with minor changes to text and layout.