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A DIY training aid

First published on this website in February 2021 and last updated in February 2023

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This article offers a complete training event to run in your church, or material that a group of ‘out loud Bible readers’ (aka ‘lesson readers’) can study together. It is presented in my 'article' format and there is a set of 16 hand-out sheets to accompany it.

The introduction explains that God’s word changes lives so it is worth ensuring that the public reading of Scripture is done well. The material uses Psalm 100, Mark 8:22-30 and Ephesians 2:11-22 as illustrations of three very different passages.

The main section is on delivery and covers:

  • Expression (the volume control, speed control and mood options)
  • Punctuation (structure, phrases and lists/pauses)
  • Emphasis (words to play down, contrasts, actions/key ideas).

The section on preparation covers:

  • Ten steps to get ready
  • A range of practical issues
  • Six ideas to help you improve.

A final section on creativity gives 12 ideas for those who want to be more adventurous. The material includes a range of exercises so a group can try out the ideas together.


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Author's notes

This article is sub-titled 'A DIY training aid'. There is a set of 16 hand-out sheets to accompany this material which can be accessed here:

The article was updated in February 2023 with minor amendments to the layout and text.