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A DIY training aid

First published on this website in December 2022

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This Article is the third in an occasional series of DIY training aids and is a write-up of my own training on principles of communication.

It is designed for a group training session with a leader/enabler but also works as an Article for personal reading and application. Here are its main sections.

1:  ‘Message’ and ‘News’
A biblical context and the use of these two words to replace ‘communication’.

2:  What happens to a message
An explanation of messages that are ‘written’, ‘spoken’ or ‘demonstrated’. Then a model for the communications process which involves a ‘Sender’ and ‘Receiver’ who code and decode messages to each other through various ‘screens’.

3:  ‘Structure’ and ‘colour’
How to structure both a written and spoken message. But this can be dull unless you also ‘colour’ it – with ideas on how to do so.

4:  The News to the World
Special considerations for when we communicate to those outside our church membership.

There is a range of practical exercises and ten hand-out sheets for participants.


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Author's notes

This article is sub-titled 'A DIY training aid'. There is a set of ten hand-out sheets to accompany this material which can be accessed here: