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September's list of Resource section item updates completed

25th September 2015

Resources section items just updated include Articles on job applications in Christian ministry and Training Notes on topics such as coping with distractions, writing good newsletters, preparing job references and wisdom for Church Administrators.
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There are now 129 printed items in the Resources section of this website and each one is checked and updated at least once every two years. This rolling programme ensures that weblinks are up-to-date, legal information is current and comments received can improve the items. It also enables everything to be tweaked for a range of minor improvement. Sometimes extra material is added or one section completely rewritten if the advice or information is not longer appropriate.

This is the advantage of a web approach to publishing rather than a permanent format such as a booklet. New items are added to the growing lists every other month so the collection is ever growing.

To see the Resources go first to the main page which gives access to a range of index pages. You can also come on to an e-letter mailing list to be informed as new items come on stream every other month.