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Second DIY training aid published

2nd February 2022

The second in an occasional series of DIY training aids is now in the Resources section of the website as Article A52. It covers the running of a church day on forming vision.
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The article, How to run a church vision day, provides input and structure for a leadership or whole church day. There is content for the enabler, a range of exercises, and hand-out sheets for all those taking part.

The key feature of the day is an exercise designed to enable each person to contribute their enthusiasm for what the future might look like, but this is only attempted after there has been clear explanation of a church purpose. Many churches muddle purpose and vision and end up with a vision statement that is really a purpose.

The first write up of a DIY training event was published a year ago and, as Article A49, is designed to train everyone who is asked to read the Scriptures out loud in a church service.

Both articles, A48 on lesson reading and A52 on vision, are available without charge from the Articles page of the Resources section of the website.