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Resources updates

10th July 2018

I have over 150 printed items in the Resources section of the website and my aim is to keep each one updated at least every two years. I have just updated two articles on the roles for a church office (A33 & A34) and four sets of Training Notes.
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The changes I usually make are to update references to other resources on the site, to check and amend weblinks, to correct any legal issues that need to be altered, to take account of changes on the topic over the past two years and to improve wording where necessary. There may also be layout details where I am changing my house-style (for example I am currently moving to a new layout for bullet point lists on all resources).

Sometimes I make a more radical change, adding new material or replacing sections in the light of new thinking.

The advantage of web publishing is that it is possible to keep each item up-to-date in this way. Each item has the date of the latest update clearly shown. If you have ideas for improving any item, do please email me with your suggestions.