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New sets of Training Notes uploaded

2nd December 2019

Two new sets of Training Notes have just been added to the Resources section of the website. One deals with how people behave when in groups, the other looks at what St Mark's Gospel can teach us about leadership.
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TN119, Group behaviours to beware of, introduces you to Boris the bore, Fearne the fearful, Gos the gossip, Joan the joker, Mona the (yes, you guessed it!), Reg the reference, Spencer the spiritual and Tanya the talker.

You've no doubt met each of these in groups you belong to - but might any of them happen to be you? God loves them all and some have really positive features, but all need sensitive handling.

TN120, Lessons for leaders, studies St Mark's Gospel and draws out leadership lessons from the master-teacher under four headings: Defining the group, Clarifying the plan, Being tough as a leader, Being gentle as a leader.

Both sets of notes can be found on the Training Notes index page and, as with all resources on the website, are free to use with only minimal restrictions.