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How churches can give to global mission

31st July 2019

The latest set of Training Notes uploaded to the website this morning covers means that churches can use to support global mission work. Whatever your church does at present it is wise to be aware of the range of possibilities so you can try new ideas.
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First, there are seven ideas for what or who to support. Churches traditionally supported particular mission agencies out of loyalty but things have changed over the past decade or two. Personal contact is now much more common, and some major societies expect workers to raise their own personal finance.

Then there are seven means of giving that churches might encourage. But some teach about individual giving more than others so, again, it is worth checking out the range. The notes also include a range of issues to consider and the teaching and prayer context for such giving.

Training Notes TN116, Global mission giving, is available free of charge on the Training Notes index page in the Resources section of this website.